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 The studio 

At its heart is a highly customised monitoring chain allowing incredible insight into the overarching feel // musicality and the subtle minutiae of sound. Instant connection and response is everything in mastering; this chain keeps me working fast and direct, always with an appreciation for the art. A short, point-to-point wired analogue processing path has been tastefully chosen // customised // modified for its punch, openness and musical impact

Mastering Studio in the South West UK Middle Mastering

 For those interested in equipment... 

ANALOGUE  Elysia Museq stereo mastering equalizer (discrete class-A), custom-built level // gain stage, 2400 Audio Imperium passive console  |  CONVERTERS  Prism Sound Dream DA2, Prism Sound Dream ADA-8, RME HDSPe AES interface  |  DAW  Wavelab, REAPER,  iZotope RX  |  MONITORING  ATC SCM50A active 3-way speakers (modified), Audeze LCD-X headphones, Little Labs Monotor headphone amplifier, Crookwood VU meters  |  MISC.  custom analogue & digital interconnects by Ghost Cable // Mogami, custom power by Puritan Audio // Belden, speaker stands by Towersonic

Benjamin Lincoln mastering engineer at Middle Mastering UK

All engineering work at Middle Mastering is done by Benjamin Lincoln

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