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 The studio 

At its heart is a highly customised monitoring chain allowing incredible insight into the overarching feel // musicality and the subtle minutiae of sound. Instant connection and response is everything in mastering; this chain keeps me working fast and direct, always with an appreciation for the art. A powerful and short, point-to-point wired analogue processing path has been tastefully chosen for its punch, openness and musical impact

Middle Mastering analogue music mastering studio UK

 For those interested in equipment... 

ANALOGUE  TK Audio Lizer 2 mastering equalizer (custom modified), custom designed passive level // gain control, 2400 Audio Imperium passive console  |  CONVERTERS  Prism Sound Dream ADA-8, RME HDSPe AES interface  |  DIGITAL  various plugins by Weiss, Sontec, Magic Death Eye, Fabfilter, Oeksound and Tokyo Dawn Records  |  DAW  Wavelab Pro 11, REAPER, iZotope RX 9, dBpoweramp format converter  |  MONITORING  ATC SCM50A active 3-way speakers, Audeze LCD-X headphones, Little Labs Monotor headphone amplifier, Crookwood VU meters  |  MISC.  analogue & digital interconnects by Ghost Cable // Mogami, power by Belden

Benjamin Lincoln mastering engineer at Middle Mastering UK

All engineering work at Middle Mastering is done by Benjamin Lincoln

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