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Five star online music mastering service in the UK Middle Mastering

 Artistic analogue mastering 

Music mastering is often thought of as a clinical process. Engineers will make technical decisions that do not influence the sound from an artistic perspective. My philosophy is different. As an artist myself I cannot help but approach my work through a creative lens. If I didn’t follow this artistic philosophy to mastering, I would be neglecting months (if not years) of your artistry that has led you to this final step. I have chosen to use certain analogue hardware as the centrepiece of my mastering studio. They have been modified over the years and create a holistic system that has become my instrument. It is unique to me and the reason that my masters have depth, warmth and a tactile sense of space and drive. Regardless of your project’s unique sonic concept, respecting the intentions of your music and sensitively enhancing its character is at the forefront of what I do as a mastering engineer.

 Putting artists first 

Before mastering music full time, I started as an audiovisual artist creating projects and showcasing work in the UK. This put me within a community of independent and signed artists that I realised would benefit from a mastering service that puts artists and their creative visions first. All too often I would hear stories of studios ignoring artist’s notes, providing unexpectedly poor results and charging hidden additional fees for revisions with little to no communication throughout the whole process; ultimately leaving artists feeling powerless and insignificant. 


For this reason, I wanted to start a mastering studio that empowers artists by giving them control. In this current landscape of machine-learning, AI and increasingly cheap, faceless studios, the opportunity to work with a real human who puts your artistic vision above all else is becoming rare. Middle Mastering is not a faceless studio; just take a look at our reviews, all written by artists like yourself.

Benjamin Lincoln mastering engineer at Middle Mastering UK

All engineering work at Middle Mastering is done by Benjamin Lincoln

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