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Get a sample master by filling in the form below

Fill in the form below and I'll get a mastered sample of your track back to you typically within 48hrs. This is the best way for you to hear first hand whether I'm the right fit for your project. If you love what I do and decide to use my master for your release then you'll be able to purchase the full-res release-ready WAV master file at a heavily discounted price. OR  if the sample track is part of a bigger project that you’d like me to master, then this first one will always stay completely free of charge. Just drop me an email about the project and we’ll get things rolling. I can typically book new projects into my schedule 3-6 working days from now. 

Please be sure to only upload full-resolution WAV or AIFF files. I can't work with lossy files such as mp3, AAC etc. For more detailed file preparation advice see FAQs.

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I cannot work with .MP3 files...

Please upload full-res .WAV or .AIFF files

For file preparation see FAQS

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