Music mastered at Middle Mastering Studio Joseph Efi This Is Lovely

Joseph Efi / 'Thoughts Grim' / Candour EP


Be Still the Earth & Dear Gravity / 'Apotheosis' / Anodyne EP

Music mastered at Middle Mastering Chris Herbert

Chris Herbert / Kranky x NTS radio

Bleed Colours.png

Jacques Miché / 'Bleed Colours'


Oogie / '(tracy said to) BREATHE'

Music mastered at Middle Mastering Lauge Icebound

Lauge / 'Icebound' / Nothingness LP


ANALOGUE  D.A.V Electronics BG3 mkV EQ (custom), TK Audio Lizer 2 EQ (modified), Elysia Xpressor discrete class-A stereo compressor, 2400 Audio Imperium monitor console  |  CONVERTERS  Prism Dream AD-124, Benchmark DAC1 (modified), Prism Orpheus, Matrix Audio interface  |  DIGITAL  Plugins by Weiss, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Oeksound, Waves, Tokyo Dawn Records, Nugen Audio and Airwindows  |  DAW  Wavelab 9.5, REAPER 6, iZotope RX 9 restoration & repair, dBpoweramp format converter  |  MONITORING  ATC SCM50A full-range speakers, Sennheiser HD26 Pro headphones, headphone amplification by Rupert Neve Designs, Crookwood VU meters, custom designed acoustics  |  MISC.  analogue & digital interconnects by Westbury Audio / Mogami, power by Black Rhodium / Belden / sBooster / MCRU